Do you know anything about Mark William Calaway? Let me tell you that he is very popular because of his ring name. The Undertaker is probably one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of pro wrestling. Till today, on pro wrestling forum, there is still debate about Undertaker’s legacy. As you may don’t know, Undertaker retired from big WWE rings but still stays in contact with wrestling. He does not regularly appear on WWE shows, but everyone knows that mentally he is there.

If someone asks WWE fans about wrestling legends – one of the first wrestlers they think about is Undertaker. Today we want to share with you few interesting about Undertaker.

Undertaker loves Motorcycles.

Do you know that Mark loves motorcycles? He is a huge fan of Harley Davidson. One more interesting thing is that the Undertaker brought his first motorcycle after he defeated Hulk Hogan in 1991. He won the WWF Championship belt by that match, and it was a well-deserved gift.

Playing Baseball and Basketball

The Undertaker was interested in pro wrestling till his mid-20s. He admires basketball and baseball even today. Mark played semi-professional baseball games while he was at college. Keep in mind that everyone who knows Mark thought that he would be a great NBA star. As his childhood friends claim, he was good at basketball. He took another path, but it was well played too.

The Undertaker once took a house of Brad Pitt on loan

Do you know that Brad’s and Angelina’s one of the private luxury homes had a particular gym area with a real WWE ring in it? It was addictive news for Mark. He loaned that home for a long time. As the real estate agent recalls, The Undertaker wanted a more prominent bedroom, but he could not reconstruct the house.

Family Man

On pro wrestling forum, people still claim that Mark is a family Man. He has three children from different women. The Undertaker has two daughters from his second wife and three children from the first wife. As it seems, he is a charming person because he tries to give everything best to all of his children.

WWE Legend a day, MMA fan at night.

Undertaker is a big fan of Mixed Martial Arts. He never hides it and even attends Ultimate Championship matches to watch it live. Playing baseball and basketball on a high level, being WWE legend and fan of mixed martial arts? Oh, that’s enough Mr. Mark.