If you are considering going for the In Vitro Fertilization treatment, then it is primarily due to the fact that you, or your partner happen to be suffering from some sort of infertility, or you are having problems conceiving. You would want to know exactly what seems to be the problem, and what can be the ultimate solution. However, since you have specifically come to the IVF treatment, there are some side effects that you need to know.

It is likely that you would consult with the doctor in order to find out the proper IVF treatment that you will undergo. You need to understand each and every detail of this process, so that you would understand the parameters of this treatment, and what can you expect out of it. If possible, you can go through different Internet websites as well as look at the procedure so that you can understand the nitty-gritty details of it. After you dedicate a certain amount of time and resource on your behalf to studying about IVF, you can go forward with it.

The primary side effect pertaining to the IVF treatment is that you would be treated daily to a certain amount of injections and dosage of artificial medications which are basically, the hormonal drugs. It is these drugs which will be able to suppress the normal menstrual cycle, so that the fertility expert will be able to activate the ovulation process, where they would then be able to collect the eggs located in the ovaries. It is during this time that you would start experiencing some form of menopause. The side effects include severe changes in mood, hot flashes as well as headaches.

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Then, the next part is the removal of the eggs which will be done manually. So, there would be a local anesthetic which will be applied to that particular part of the body, in the groin area, and you might have to experience some sort of cramping when this process is going on.

After the sperm is used in order to fertilize the egg, you need to worry about the next process, which is implantation. The typical side effect associated with implantation is bleeding as well as cramping in some cases. After this process is complete, you would either find yourself a viable candidate for pregnancy, or it would be terminated immediately. This process also comes with a lot of side effects such as dizziness, vomiting, as well as severe pain and bleeding.