Most bodybuilders end up taking steroids or other supplements throughout their ventures. Some do it for a brief period of time, while others implement these products into their lifestyles. Finding the best steroid for muscle gain is definitely not hard with so many options out there, but then, what kind of workouts do you need? Steroids work with pretty much everyone, even if they train without having a clue about what they’re doing. But for maximum efficiency, you’ll have to slightly adjust your workouts as well.

Eccentric workouts have gained plenty of popularity lately. So, what should you know about them? Are they any worth?

Understanding how Eccentric Workouts Function

An eccentric workout is not a set of crazy exercises. Instead, it refers to the negative part of an exercise – putting weights down. This is the part that keeps the muscle in tension. Most people overlook the negative part. They struggle to lift, then they soften their muscles when they drop down. When done correctly, a negative workout becomes the supreme tool for muscular mass and extra strength.

However, you’ll have to engage into such workouts without exaggerating – usually once in 10 workouts for each muscular group. Why? Simple! They will seriously damage your muscles, but they also put a lot of stress on the nervous central system.

Example of an Eccentric Workouts

Assume a basic exercise with 100kg of weight. You will recruit approximately 100 muscular fibers to lift the weight – this is the concentric part. In order to put it down (the eccentric part), you will only need 50 fibers. The weight is the same though. Therefore, those 50 muscular fibers are under two times more pressure if you drop the weight with a control movement. It’s much harder, hence the low popularity of this method. Most people would rather put the weight down faster than when they lift it.

Tolerance Is a Must

Tolerance is critical in eccentric workouts because they put lots of pressure on tendons. Before engaging into sophisticated training methods, you should have at least a few years of experience. In the ’80s, many sportsmen did up to 20% of their workouts in a negative manner.


With these ideas in mind, eccentric (or negative) workouts will work wonders, especially when mixed with the best legal supplements. The more you rely on them, the more supplements you’ll need for support.