Kids have a completely different physiological makeup compared to adults. Their heads are smaller and their ears and brains are still in the process of development. This means that they are very sensitive. So it is generally not a good idea to share your headphones with your kids. There are plenty of dedicated headphones for kids, each with its own unique attractive features. Kids Headphones also come in attractive colors that appeal to the tiny tots. Let’s now take a look at the 4 Best Kids Headphones that you can buy today.

Kidz Gear Headphones:

The Kidz Gear wired headphone comes in a variety of attractive colors, designed to draw the attention of your little champion. The headphone is made of unbreakable plastic, which is excellent, considering the fact that kids are always dropping and breaking things. The headphones are super comfortable and make sure your kids don’t get any headaches from wearing them for too long. The highlight of this headphones is the special Sound Limiter cable, that limits the volume to 20% lower than the maximum capacity so that your kids’ sensitive ears don’t get affected by loud music.

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LilGadgets Connect+ Premium:

The LilGadgets Connect+ Premium, like the Kidz Gear, comes in a variety of attractive colors. In terms of comfort, it matches the Kidz Gear. The Connect+ comes with an adjustable headband that is perfect because it allows kids to continue using the same headphones eves as they age rapidly. The Connect+ is also very durable, but also lightweight. It has a built-in volume limiter feature that is designed to protect your child’s ears from the harmful effects of loud music.

Sound Intone I20:

The Sound Intone I20 is the cheapest among the ones listed here but is also feature packed, making it excellent in terms of value for money. It comes in different colors and has a nice comfortable design that the kids will love. It also has a built-in microphone that the kids can use when they Skype with Grandma and Grandpa. It is compatible with almost all devices and has excellent sound quality.

Leapfrog Headphones:

The Leapfrog headphone is available in cheerful pink and green colors that would attract the eye of any kid. The headphones are designed with comfort as their primary selling point and this is clearly evident from the picture. Cushioning is provided throughout the headband and also on the earpiece. The sound quality is also excellent, making the Leapfrog perfect for long study sessions online or music classes.